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"IMPULS CO" Sofia was founded in 2000., as a successor of VTPK "Impuls 1", founded in 1990. in the town of Svoge and re-registered in 1994. in the town of Sofia. The company inherited its object of activity, the contracts, technology, and all employees and managers of the cooperative. "IMPULS CO" LTD is registered with Council Decision № 1 from 06.04.2000 of the Sofia City Court in the register of trading companies under № 55816, Volume 605, page 185 under company № 5288/2000. Then of 20.03.2008. is re-registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Registry AgencyID number -  130258609

The company's headquarters is Sofia municipality "Krasno Selo" street "Dobrudjanski kraj" № 1, ent. A, 4th floor, ap.10.

The working office and correspondence address of "IMPULS CO" LTD is 1309 Sofia, "Vranya" № 114 tel: (02) 812 97 98, fax (02) 812 97 99; e-mail: office @ impuls -ko.com; web site: www.impuls-ko.com.


Partners in "IMPULS CO" Ltd., Sofia are Svetoslav Svilenov Krustanov and Albina Ottmar Krastanova.

Impuls Project. Ltd.


In implementing the new legislation, namely the entry into force of Low for the Chamber of Architects and Engineers in Investment Design /ZKAIIP/, from 17 November 2004, IMPULS KO LTD terminate the activities of the Department "Design" by transferring the entire business, related to the research and design and existing personnel in the newly formed company IMPULS KO LTD with Director eng. Svilen Svetoslavov Krastanov.

Company is registered with decision 1 from 11 November 2004 under company 12163/2004 of Sofia City Court, entered in the commercial register of the same court under 88685, Volume 1123, Reg I, p. 38 with Manager eng Svilen Svetoslavov Krastanov, then on the 21 March 2008 was re-registered in the Commercial Register kept by the Registry Agency with UIC 131328487 and with headquarters:

Sofia, 42 General Skobelev " The working office and mailing address of the IMPULS KO LTD is located at 1309 Sofia, Vrania" 114, tel (02) 812 97 81; fax (02) 812 97 96; e-mail: office@impuls -ko.com;



Impulsion Co. Ltd. was awarded the Golden Prize in the contest for "Best construction practices" category "Large companies" of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber.